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Conservatoire de Musique François-Mitterrand

Instruments and Equipment

The Conservatoire National de Musique François-Mitterrand is well equipped in terms of instruments and equipment in order to enhance the teaching and performance of music:
  • Classrooms - 17 classrooms furnished with white music boards and a piano each;
  • Auditorium - 300-seat capacity, air-conditioned and equipped with 2 concert grand pianos, 2 green rooms and rest rooms. The Auditorium is also available for rent for music purposes
  • Instrumentarium - The Conservatoire is fully equipped in terms of professional musical instruments, with an extensive instrumentarium of over 1,000 instruments, covering all the standard instruments, some of them unique in Mauritius: strings, harp, piccolo, flutes, oboes, bassoons, saxophones, trumpets, horns, trombones, tubas, guitars, xylophone, marimba, timpanis, celesta, pianos, as well as a host of other small percussion instruments;
  • Other instruments and equipment
    o Electric instruments and synthesizers;
    o Sound system (mixer, microphones, etc);
    o Small classroom instruments;
    o Overhead and video projectors, camera and scanner