Music Courses

Hobby classes, Group courses, ensembles & open classes

There will be no Aptitude test for Guitar Accompaniment, Keyboard, Hobby Drums, Accordion and Tabla. Courses are delivered by one teacher to a group class.

For Choir (Adult and Children), there will be a test consisting of:                        

  • Tone quality (30 marks)                           
  • Melodic memory (30 marks)     
  • Pitch accuracy (30 marks)                          
  • Sight reading (10 marks)                  

            TOTAL  (100 marks)                          

For Orchestra, Marching Band and Wind Ensemble, applicants must have at least practical proficiency at the level of Cycle One of studies at the Conservatoire, or equivalent (such as Grade 3 ABRSM or playing experience). Age limit applies only to the Marching Band where students must not be less than 11 years and not more than 25 years at the time of enrolment (except for section leaders).


For Junior Orchestra, applicants must have at least one year experience in playing an orchestral instrument.       


For Pop Band, this activity is for applicants who already have a band and wish to rehearse regularly. This is not a course, but students are provided with the necessary equipment to rehearse. Admission will depend strictly on availability of Auditorium.

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