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Conservatoire Music Library

Conservatoire Music Library


The Music Library of the Conservatoire is for teachers and students of the Conservatoire.  It holds over 7,000 titles which include the following:


  • Reference books
  • Manuals and scores for all instruments and ensembles;
  • CDs, DVDs and music videos;
  • Specialised music magazines covering various aspects of music teaching and performing;
  • Listening booths equipped with headphones.
  • Mauritiana: The Conservatoire holds an important collection of rare music manuscripts of works by Mauritian composers of the 19th century. A catalogue of this collection is under preparation. A policy of regular acquisition of such manuscripts has been set by the Conservatoire. Donations are also accepted, and the Conservatoire thanks its generous donators in anticipation.


The Reference section is open to the public.

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